Food Delivery Services for University Students

We offer food services to university students and help restaurants around a university to grow their business.

sVang App works at University canteens

University students

Skip lines by ordering online through our sVang app at your campus cafeteria.

  • Browse dining options, order, and pay with your campus card.
  • Order online, and pay with your campus card.
  • Pay with your campus card.

You can also get delivery with participating restaurants around your campus and pay through your campus card.

Restaurants near Universities

Restaurants near Universities

Small business restaurant owners in and around universities can participate through our app's student services to grow their business by allowing students to pay through their meal plan card.

We offer payment integrations for University students so that they can order food from your restaurants.

You can also particpate Universities merchant on point program where students order food their app and you can deliver food for one or more students to a pre-designated delivery stations in a university.


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