About sVang App

We are a startup working towards getting the seed funding on our various ideas. The sVang is one of them in which we are working on new ideas to give a competition to existing players.

We are a group of highly skilled IT professionals with a variety of experience in the following areas.

  • Full stack development on iOS and Android Platform
  • AI driven deep data analytics
  • Peta scale massive database scaling for OLTP and Data Warehouse
  • AI driven app development
  • DevOPS
  • IT Infrastructure Scaling
  • Kubernetes, Service Mesh, Security
  • Business Development from ground zero

We launched the sVang app on iOS and android devices on Nov 12th, 2020 to make college student’s pockets hurt less. The sVang makes it easy to find and order food from participating restaurants, without the extra fees. Our app offers a better experience to users and affordability for small business owners.

Location - we are based our of Virginia.