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Contactless Dining

Enable contactless dining at the restaurant or curbside pickup to keep your staff and clients safe.

Free Online Orders

We will add a link to your website so that you can start seeing online orders coming your way.

Free Facebook Integration

We will add a button to your Facebook page so your fans can order directly.

Free Mobile Phone Ordering

Once customers download the sVang App, customers see the same menu on their mobile devices.

Real-time Ordering

The interactions with customers are in real-time through chat and notifications.

Table Reservations

Your customers can reserve tables ahead of time, bypassing lines.

Instant Update to Menu

You can instantly update any item to either put on hold one or more food items. You can change prices, delivery distance, pickup, service hours, vacations, holidays, etc.

Order Scheduling

You can order ahead of time and schedule a later pickup/delivery.

Business Reports

We provide reports on your business as per your incoming orders for you to plan better.


Optional Paid Services

Online Payment Through App and Website

$29.99per month (Promotion)

We onboard you on the sVang mobile app and website for online payment. There is no commission fee per order, and money flows directly to your bank.

  • No commission
  • No Setup fee
  • No hidden cost
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Online Payment and Business Promotions Campaign

$89.99per month (Promotion)

In addition to the previous plan, we promote your business to the targetted customers of your restaurant.

  • No commission
  • No Setup fee
  • No hidden cost
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Online Payment and Delivery Integration Options

$149.99per month (Promotion)

In addition to the previous plan, you can avail of cheaper delivery integrations services at a nominal fee. The delivery charges are separate as per delivery career.

  • No commission
  • No Setup fee
  • No hidden cost
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