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Why sVang

Problem Solution
Current Online Order sVang Commission-free online ordering
Pay commissions to third-party delivery Apps Commission-free online ordering
  • No more 10% - 30% per-order fees.
  • No more revenue sharing & credit card fee as a service charge.More orders through your website
Fees to owning & maintaining a website No additional charge for static websites & you have to power to change the content as per your needs
Additional charges for Point Of Sale Ordering All orders get auto-confirmed & get directly printed in the kitchen & no need to pay EXTRA fees for your online ordering
Problem Solution
Current Marketing Solution sVang Customer Data Marketing
Restaurants don’t have the visibility into their customer data Targetted customer marketing with direct email and app notifications
There are fees to be paid for every marketing material sent to their customers Automated geofencing based marketing Rewards loyal customers with special deals
Restaurants don’t control the deals being offered to their customers Offer deals with your custom campaigns & Loyalty point programs for customers
They don’t have the ability to directly interact with their customers online Catch a negative review ahead with automated customer feedback capture
Problem Solution
Current Staffing Issues sVang Self Ordering
Restaurants don’t have the ability to capture their dine-in customer data With QR code payments Get customer data for targeted marketing. Decrease wait times with dynamic menu(No more PDFs)
The average time spent per table is 50 - 75 minutes regardless of the check size Increase order size, tips, and Faster check out. Convert customers waiting for service into paying customers
The current process of waiting for a table doesn’t guarantee customer conversions, restaurants lose a lot of business Decrease wait times with faster table turnaround Increase customer satisfaction & loyalty
Problem Solution
Current juggling of tabs issues sVang 3rd Party Order Integration
It is complicated to manage orders from all these third-party tablets. Manage your delivery business from a single tablet
The orders coming from different 3rd party delivery companies don’t get printed in the kitchen Print all your online orders automatically in the kitchen. Per station ticket printing with custom design
Restaurants need to enter all the 3rd party orders into their POS Integrate Orders directly Into Your POS Auto-accept and print your orders

Restaurant owners love our platform because it makes life easier and more profitable. Don’t wait to get your first month for free with NO CONTRACT

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Managing your restaurant is made simple by sVang. Start today to & reap the benefits of being on sVang just like many other restaurants like YOU.

Benefits for restaurants

Commission-free online ordering

  • Grow Order Volume
  • Increase order frequency
  • No more 10% - 30% per-order fees.


  • Grow business through on-demand delivery
  • Expand your customer base through delivery orders
  • Manage your drivers with Do Your Own Delivery(DYOD)

sVang Self-Ordering - QR Code & Dynamic Menu

  • Decrease wait times with dynamic menu (No more PDFs)
  • Increase order size, tips, and Faster check out
  • Get customer data for targeted marketing

Direct Reservations

  • Convert waiting - customers into paying customers
  • Decrease wait times with faster table turnaround
  • Increase customer satisfaction & loyalty

Customer Marketing

  • Turn new diners into regular customers.
  • Increase revenue & get new customers automatically
  • Engage with your customers directly


  • Drive repeat business, automatically
  • Increase your transaction volume
  • Get better ratings from your customers

3rd Party Order Integration

  • Execute delivery orders efficiently and accurately
  • Provide great service to your customers while saving time and money
  • Increase your sales by getting all your online orders auto
  • Confirmed & printed directly in the kitchen


  • Enhance your restaurant performance
  • Track revenue to implement new methods
  • Insights to drive customer success

For restaurant people by restaurant people. Your restaurant. Your Success You CAN start your SUCCESS JOURNEY today with sVang.

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