Online Ordering - Use your mobile phone or web browser


Mobile App Ordering

Use the sVang App on your phone to order the food.

Receive/Accept Orders

As a restaurant owner, you have your dashboard through with you receive orders in real-time. You accept the orders for pickup/delivery.

Real Time Confirmation

The customer gets updates to the status of food services/delivery instantly on their phones.

Real Time Chat

The delivery driver/restaurant can chat with a customer using the built-in chat functionality. The notifications at the various stages of the delivery make it easy for the customer and delivery person.

Print Tickets

Orders flow to your admin screen automatically. Once you accept an order, it is printed automatically to the Kitchen Printer. You can reprint the kitchen order multiple times if desired.

Instant Notifications

Customers get instant notifications when an order is accepted, ready for delivery/at door/pickup.

Drive More Business

Easy reorder with a single tap. The app can store your previous orders, addresses, and card information.

Students, Faculty & Staff - Order ahead & Skip waiting

Website Ordering

Use a browser on your phone or computer to order the food without downloading the app.

Direct Ordering

Give your customers the ability to order directly from your website, rather than routing them to a third-party site that lists you among competitors (and takes a commission on all your orders).

No Contact Dining

Customers scan the QR code and order the food directly from their phone without downloading the app. The order is printed directly into your kitchen.

Multiply Food Orders

By merely integrating our online ordering system into your website, your orders arrive directly to your admin tablet and print immediately in your kitchen. You will hear a sound every time a new order comes in.

Your Admin Dashboard

You get your dashboard so that you can customize your menu at any time for items, modifications and costs. You can also manage printers, printing, scheduling, vacation/holiday time, etc.

Table Reservation

Allow customers to reserve their table and ordering of food ahead of time. Stay time at your restaurant is reduced, allowing you to have more traffic.

Drive More Business

Set ordering hours to allow guests to schedule orders ahead of time on a later pickup/delivery.