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Contactless delivery

March 31, 2021

How to ensure contactless on-demand food delivery?

The ongoing pandemic has changed our lives dramatically. While we are affected significantly, the worst affected group is that of the business domain around the world. As businesses across the globe struggle to thrive and sustain themselves, many industries have come up with revolutionary solutions to enhance the customer experiences. One such industry is the food delivery sector that has revolutionized its way of delivering food across and satiating the hunger cravings of food lovers all around.

Food aggregators all around the world are now adapting a better alternative to delivering food services to the respective customers –with respect to the overall demand for delicious food. As such, leading food delivery companies are introducing the all-new option in the form of contactless food delivery. This concept is centered towards practicing effective social distancing measures and complying with the necessary safety & hygiene norms to combat the spread of the disease.

What is Contactless Delivery?

In technical terms, it implies the concept of having no direct contact with the customers, employees, and delivery partners. The primary goal of the given concept is to deliver vital services like on-demand food delivery in a safe & well-protected manner. Contactless delivery inculcates proper sanitization of buildings or offices, warehouses, equipment, packaged goods, employees, and the respective delivery partners. It also goes by the names as “No Contact Delivery” or “Zero Contact Delivery.”

With the all-new normal, on-demand food delivery service providers can look forward to delivering the ordered food items to the doorstep of the customers without establishing any direct contact. This helps in avoiding the overall risk of spreading the disease. Customers can make the decision with respect to the time and location of delivery. The delivery executive would notify them with the help of a call, text message, or email about the collection of the order. Ultimately, the payment for the order can be made through some third-party app or the website for facilitating no-contact delivery.

Ensuring Contactless On-demand Food Delivery

Several service providers have started executing different processes of contactless delivery in the on-demand food delivery industry.

  1. OneClick Button: With the implementation of the “OneClick Button” feature, the companies can set up the norm of no-contact delivery on mobile apps & websites. This feature allows the customers to click a particular button while receiving the order according to their preference.

  2. Delivery Instructions: Service providers in the on-demand food delivery industry can also look forward to implementing an innovative text box in the website or app. They can also implement the concept of non-contact delivery requests. Using the given method, the customers are expected to fill out specific delivery instructions in the respective comment box as they place the order. This allows them to receive the food delivery as per the specific notes or instructions.

Even after trying your best to get back on track, you would notice The contactless food delivery service in the modern on-demand food delivery industry is transforming the overall customer experience in the ongoing uncertain times for ensuring all-round safety. Businesses all around the world are, therefore, embracing the given concept to enhance the overall customer experience.

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Food industry after COVID-19

March 23, 2021

The rage of COVID-19 has been affecting various sectors across the globe, and even now, it shows signs of severe damages. With experts still unsure about when this turmoil will end for good, restaurants have a hard time for sustenance. That is why; restaurants are adopting powerful strategies to navigate through this crisis. If you own a food business, then you will also have to adapt changes and incorporate the following strategies in your restaurant:

Incorporating technology

Technology is probably one of the few things that can support you during such hard times. Not only can you offer services to your customers with the help of it, but if you leverage technology the right way, you would also be able to increase traffic in your restaurant. With everyone preferring online ordering of food instead of dining out at a restaurant, you will have to establish your restaurant’s app for accepting and delivering orders online. Whether you are building your app or listing your business on Google, pay extra attention to the updated menu, hours of operation, etc.

Reassuring loyal customers

If you have been running a restaurant for a while, you might have acquired a loyal customer base. Your main task is to retain them for continuing your business by communicating with them regarding any changes you are implementing. For instance, you can share the sanitization procedures followed in your restaurants strictly by the staff. You can also encourage your customers to order online by offering them a discount coupon on specific meals. For this, you can launch marketing campaigns to approach your targeted customers or communicate them via social media platforms, personalized emails, etc.

Reducing operating costs

Even after trying your best to get back on track, you would notice that the sales are not as great as before. To cope with this, you will have to make specific changes to reduce your restaurant’s operating costs. Identify the raw materials costing you the most, and then negotiate with suppliers to offer these at discounted prices. If this strategy fails, then you can discontinue some of the dishes from the menu for a while and update the new menu across your business website, listing, and social media pages. You can also track the cash flow of your restaurant by embedding cloud-based financial systems in your business. Besides these, you will also have to keep an eye on food wastage and making the most of your current inventory.

To cut costs, you can also schedule your business’s operating hours so that you don’t have to pay hourly wages to your staff when the demands are low.

Curate creative offers

With most people stuck at home enhancing their culinary skills, you might be losing out on numerous orders. However, this is also a great time to attract the attention of these people who are tired of cooking at home by offering family-sized meal portions.

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Features to look for in a successful online food ordering app

March 15, 2021

Online food ordering apps have befriended even not-so-technologically-savvy individuals during the last year. Food delivery apps have become the favorite of every foodie by offering them the convenience of ordering tasty delights from the restaurant of their choice without stepping outside their homes’ comfort. If you are in the food business and own a restaurant, building an online food ordering app is essential.

Application for customers

Let’s focus on the facilities that your customers must enjoy while using the app, and it includes navigating through the various restaurants, experiencing a smooth payment gateway. Here are some of the salient features that should be present in the app:

  1. Registration and account creation

    Although the registration process is vital for companies to collect information about their customers, often users might not be eager to complete the process. Thus, you should keep the registration form simple or even allow your customers to login from their social media accounts.

  2. Searching for food

    After completing the registration, when your users want to see the restaurants’ results, you would have to make their experience seamless by embedding in various filters based on cuisine, ingredients of foods, etc.

  3. Adding a secure payment gateway

    When your customers share their payment credentials with you, they would expect you to protect their confidential information. Thus you should incorporate a payment gateway in the cart which encrypts all the data so that your customers feel confident enough to complete the transaction.

  4. Real-time tracking

    Waiting for food without knowing how long it will take makes most of us anxious and tense. Thus you should enable real-time tracking features with the contact number of the delivery person so that your customers would have complete knowledge regarding the estimated time of arrival of their order.

Application for the restaurant

Some of the features that would help you to manage your business are:

  1. Registration

    You will have to manage the restaurants’ registrations and allow them to receive orders only after the completion of the process.

  2. Dashboard

    This is where you can get complete insights into the performance of your online food ordering app. Just with one click, you can check the number of orders placed and your earnings, respectively.

  3. Assigning and managing orders

    When your customer places an order, you will have to check in with the restaurant and then assign a delivery executive. With the online food ordering app industry getting competitive with every passing day, your strategy needs to be strong enough for sustenance in the long term.